BeCOn 3rd annual Pan-European Summit

24-25 march 2017, Barcelona

BeCOn strives for a bright future where cancer patients recieve the best possible holistic care. The BeCOn Summit is Europe's leading forum for new concepts in patient-centered care and digital innovation in cancer. Sign-up to join the conversation live or online for free!


What can a magician teach you about consultations?
How do you talk about sex with your cancer patients?
How can you harness the power of the crowd to solve your clinical cases?
We've carefully handpicked experts in oncology care and other exciting fields fit to answer these questions and more.
Check out the full agenda below.

24 March 2017
10:00 - 10:05

Welcome – Plenary Session

Teva Oncology Europe and Moderator

10:05 - 10:10

Introduction to the 3rd Annual Pan-European BeCOn Summit

10:10 - 10:40

What can magic teach us about emotional intelligence and better interpersonal connections?

Watch and wonder as a magician introduces you to the concepts “being connected” and “connecting with others”; he employs storytelling and magic to show that understanding and adapting to your audience’s perspective is the key to better interactions

10:40 - 11:40

“Better conversations, better care”: how meaningful conversations improve patient experience and quality of life

The powerful effect of empathetic communication skills using real-world examples. Improve patient quality of life by holding better conversations.

11:40 - 12:30

An oncology-conversation system for difficult conversations about end-of-life care

An innovative and practical tool for conducting better conversations about difficult end-of-life topics with patients

13:30 - 14:10

Let’s talk about cancer and sex

Tackle a major taboo in cancer care, the psychological impact of cancer’s effect on sex. Practical strategies to equip HCPs with the required skills to master these difficult conversations

14:10 - 15:10

Transforming the oncofertility patient experience through team-based care and compassion

Interview with the experts


Explore the role of compassionate multidisciplinary care involving oncologists and fertility specialists. A conversation about the sensitive issue of improving communication in oncofertility

15:40 - 17:00

Speaker speed dating: exchanging inspiring patient-care experiences

Speaker speed dating: exchanging inspiring patient-care experiences

Speed dating will provide an exciting finale to the first day’s programme as we break into small groups, meeting each speaker on a more personal level; in a few brief minutes the speakers can expand on original storylines, share additional skills and strategies, or answer additional questions before moving on to the next group

17:00 - 17:15

Closing remarks Day 1

25 March 2017
09:00 - 09:05

Opening remarks Day 2

Teva Oncology Europe and Moderator

09:05 - 09:30

Plenary workshop: Let’s #BeCOnnected!

Wake up with exercise to encourage participants to #BeCOnnected

09:30 - 10:10

Humanized medicine through social media: practical guidance for using social media in oncology practice

10:15 - 11:05

Workshops – Round 1: Code Lavender: how the Cleveland Clinic is supporting HCPs to combat stress and burnout

Concentrate briefly on your own wellbeing, an innovative approach to supporting healthcare professionals at times of excessive stress

11:20 - 12:10

Workshops – Round 2: BodyTalk communication skills training: learn advanced communication skills for challenging situations

Adapt your body language to present an empathetic persona; acquiring the necessary skills in this hands-on workshop

12:15 - 13:05

Workshops - Round 3: How to manage difficult family members during consultations

Strategies for defusing potentially confrontational situations when confronted with challenging family dynamics during consultations

13:10 - 13:40

Preparing for the digital technology revolution in health care

13:40 - 13:55

Summary and closing remarks Day 2

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  • “ An eye-opener to learn how patients think ”

    Quote from a BeCOn 2016 delegate

  • “ A very good demonstration of how changing traditional values and culture in a team improves patient outcomes ”

    Quote from a BeCOn 2016 delegate

  • “ You have to feel it in your heart that you are doing it for the patient! ”

    Quote from BeCOn 2016 faculty

    Jan van Bodegom, Netherlands – A patient-centred approach to onco-care: insights from the Alexander Monro Breast Cancer Hospital

  • “ We (Treato) capture the raw patient story in context and we do it at scale to surface the patient voice with the goal of bringing it into every patient related decision. ”

    Quote from BeCOn 2016 faculty

    Ido Hadari, Israel – Harnessing Dr Google: how to better address your patients’ information needs (Panel: Matti Aapro, Switzerland; Paul Cornes, UK; Lesley Fallowfield, UK )


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Code Lavender: how the Cleveland Clinic is supporting HCPs to combat stress and burnout

Saturday March 25, 2017,
10.15 – 11.05

BodyTalk communication skills training: learn advanced communication skills for challenging situations

Saturday March 25, 2017,
11.20 – 12.10

How to manage difficult family members during consultations

Saturday March 25, 2017,
12.15 – 13.05